City Council

Village Officials

Mayor: Larry Vaughn

Mayor Pro Temp/Trustee: Jody Johnson

Trustee: Jason Beckmann

Trustee: Jeff Jones

Trustee: Crissy Trovillion 

Trustee: Vacant

Trustee: Vacant

Village Clerk: Agnes Paul

Village Treasurer: Jackie Pritchett

Chief of Police: Eddie Holland

Fire Chief: Randy Childers

Water Supervisor: Sam Mighell

Sewer Supervisor: Mike Green 

Administrative Assistant: Pam Perry

Village Attorney: Elvis Cameron

Village Engineer: Rodney Potts – John H. Crawford & Associates  


City Council meetings are held the first Monday of the month at 6:00 pm at the Village Hall.  For more information or to be on the agenda, please call the Village Hall.

Physical Address: 100 S. Broadway

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 16 Goreville, IL 62939

Phone: 618-995-2157   Fax: 618-995-1611  Emergency: 911


Core Values… God & Country; Family & Friends; Our Children; Our School; The Bill of Rights; The Ten Commandments; Hunting & Fishing; Nature & Wildlife; Our History

Mission Statement…To provide the best possible services to our citizens that we can offer, while staying true to our core values.


Other Governmental Bodies

Johnson County

Board of Commissioners:

Chairmen: Gary Brumley

Vice-Chairmen: Jason Taylor

Commissioner: Matthew Hayden

Clerk/Recorder: Robin Harper-Whitehead – Phone: 618-658-3611 Fax: 618-658-9665

Treasurer: Brent Williams –  Phone: 618-658-8042 Fax: 618-658-4209

Supervisor of Assessments: Danell Mott – Phone: 618-658-8010

States Attorney: Tambra Cain – Phone: 618-658-9318 Fax: 618-658-9339

Circuit Clerk: Ryan O’Neal – Phone: 615-658-4751 Fax: 618-658-2908

Sheriff: Pet Sopczak – Phone: 618-658-8264 Fax: 618-658-5951

Coroner: David Rockwell – Phone: 618-658-6024

Highway Engineer: Brandon Tanner – Phone: 618-658-2741


Senator: Dale Fowler (R) 59th District
District Office Phone: 618- 294-8951 Fax: (618) 294-8950
Capital Office Phone: 217- 782-5509

Website    Facebook

Representative: Patrick Windhorst (R) 118th District
District Office Phone: 618-294-8703
Capitol Office Phone: 217-782-5131

Website    Facebook


Senator: Richard Durbin (D)
Carbondale Office Phone: 618-351-1122 Fax: 618-351-1124
Washington, D. C. Office Phone: 202-224-2152 Fax: 202-228-0400

Senator- Tammy Duckworth (D)
Springfield Office Phone: 217-528-6124
Washington, D.C. Office Phone: 202-224-2854

Representative: Mary Miller (R)                                                                                                              Illinois 15th Congressional District                                                                                                        Washington, D.C. Office Phone: 202-225-5271                                                                                      Website    Facebook