Water & Sewer

Goreville receives its water supply from the Lake of Egypt Water District. Lake of Eqypt is a 2300 acre lake owned by Southern Illinois Power Cooperative and is located just minutes from Goreville.

Sam Mighell is the Supervisor for the Goreville Water Department.

Mike Green is the Supervisor for the Goreville Sewer Department.

To Contact Goreville Water and Sewer Depatments call the City Hall at (618) 995-2157

Police Department

Eddie Holland is the Chief of Police for the Goreville Police Department.

Fire Department

Kenny Swisher is Fire Chief for the Goreville Volunteer Fire Department.


Interstate Attraction Signs

In order to help businesses within the Village limits of Goreville, Illinois the Village is offering an incentive to local businesses. If they place attractions signs up along the interstate highways. The town will reimburse the business up to $100.00

An interstate attractions signs are those blue signs that are along the interstate close to a town’s exit. The signs are through the Illinois Department of Tourism with the approval of IDOT.

In order to receive the reimbursement the business will need to show proof that they have paid the State for the attractions signs.

For more information please context Jason Beckmann at the Goreville City Hall 618-995-2157


Illinois Bureau of Tourism
620 East Adams, 4th floor
Springfield, IL 62701
(217) 785-6399